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    Dear Friends, i had devloped an web application in J2EE. I want to launch it as a website. how to configure the domain name in JBOSS. b'coz in jboss - we can access website as follows: web-refers war file, which is the web application developed in j2ee. i need to remove the port no. i want to access the site by entering the web address only. i.e: CAN ANY ONE HELP ME TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM..... Kindly.. help me... Thanks in Advance, SANTHOSH
  2. search for server.xml where the port number is configured. It may be available somewhere like server/default/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat50.sar/server.xml change the port number to 80, in which case you need not mention the port number in the browser url, since 80 is a default port. and in your web app web.xml, change the change the url pattern for your serlvet from "/web" to "/" I hope this works.
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    Dear James David, Thanks a lot.. Its working now.. Once agian Thanks.. SANTHOSH
  4. Still problem... if the port number is 8080 means no problem.. but my port number is 2910 how can i change in jboss.. any idea.. that helpful to me... Thanks/Regards Santhosh