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    Introduction to Architecture Rules Assert Your Architecture! with this open source java library. Architecture Rules leverages an xml configuration file and optional programmatic configuration to assert your code's architecture via unit tests or ant tasks. This test is able to assert that specific packages do not depend on others and is able to check for and report on cyclic dependencies among your project's packages and classes. This project wraps a industry accepted JDepend to simplify the process of maintaining a solid software architecture. 2.1.0 Release Architecture Rules announces today that version 2.1.0 is released. This was a fun release for two reasons: the new features, and the timing of the release. Features This was a major release in that it finally allows the users to define packages with wildcards. We’ve had a handful of users asking for this functionality for a while. We thank them for sticking with us despite having to ask us for this feature a few times. Read about how we implemented wildcards, how to use them, and some open issues with them on our previous post If You’re Feelin’ like a Pimp go on Brush your Asterisk* Off. We added method chaining to the domain classes to improve the feel of programmatic configuration. We talk about this change when we introduced the development goals for 2.1.0 and we talked in depth about method chaining when we started researching weather we should support it or not in our post Configuration Method Chaining. We also made some positive changes to the project’s exceptions. We have a lot of exceptions for reporting different issues with architecture rules configuration and with the project that the tool is inspecting. We added some references to the packages that cuase the exception to be thrown, and we tied all of the exceptions together under one higher level exception, the ArchitectureRulesException. Release Date Architecture Rules 2.1.0 is officially released on Friday, July 4th, 2008. This is a great date for a milestone release not because it is an American national holiday, but because it is one year from the day that development started on the project just about to the day. The first release, 1.0, was made just a couple weeks after development started, on July 17th, 2007. So happy anniversary Architecture Rules. With wildcards, a new domain name, and the upcoming maven 2 plugin, this next year is going to be bigger than the last. 2.1.0 For a complete list of the changes, check out the 2.1.0 release/download page. You can get the update by downloading the new jar, or by updating your pom.xml to version 2.1.0. This post is from the author's blog

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  2. JUnit 4[ Go to top ]

    Any chance of JUnit4 support?
  3. Do the wildcards work?[ Go to top ]

    As soon as I add a wildcard instead of the complete package path, all the tests pass where are there are violations. If I put the complete package paths it works as expected.
  4. Huh?[ Go to top ]

    I added the wildcards issue on their site too but no-one responds :(
  5. Sorry for the late response.[ Go to top ]

    There is a bug that has been reported. When comparing packages when wildcards are used, the comparison fails because jpackage.equals() was used instead of jpackage.matches(). I will make a 2.1.1 release tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience, Vikas.
  6. 2.1.1 release - wildcards fixed[ Go to top ]

    2.1.0 contained a bug that prevented wildcarded packages from being investigated. The issue is described on my blog. I have fixed the problem thanks to some help from the community and released 2.1.1 just to fix this issue. Thank you to every to tried out Architecture Rules for the first time this past week. I hope you will consider taking the time to pull down 2.1.1 and continue to mitigate architecture risks.