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News: First Release of Nuxeo WebEngine

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    WebEngine relies on the Nuxeo content infrastructure (OSGi runtime, component architecture, document repository, ECM services, etc.) to provide a component-based programing model and a web development model for building componentized content-centric applications (such as wikis, blogs, content-oriented websites, etc.). WebEngine relies heavily on the REST paradigm: URLs are mapped to the hierarchical content repository, content is accessed using GETs, user actions are GETs and POSTs, etc. Hence it’s very easy and straightforward to write RESTful apps using WebEngine. WebEngine is fully extensible and componentized, thanks to OSGi (all components are OSGi bundles) and Nuxeo Runtime’s extension points. WebEngine can run either standalone (with startup time <4s) using the Nuxeo Runtime launcher and the embedded Jetty 6, or in a full-blown Java EE app server such as JBoss. WebEngine can also be connected to any Nuxeo EP instance (and Nuxeo Core repository) and be used to expose / publish its content to the web. Features highlights:
    • Scripting (Groovy, JavaScript, Ruby, Python…) or Java code for business logic
    • Advanced content model
    • Leverage Nuxeo Platform’s ECM services
    • Smart URLs management
    • Powerful templating (based on the FreeMarker engine)
    • Wikitext renderer (using Wikimodel)
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  2. looked interesting....[ Go to top ]

    ...but when I went to the site all the demos (screenshots?) were broken. Makes me think that it's risky to even invest time looking at, if screenshots can't good is the code?
  3. sites works fine[ Go to top ]

    Everything seems to work fine in my tests. Could you be please more specific about what page was problematic to you? Also, not everything in the various Nuxeo websites is powered by Nuxeo WebEngine; you shouldn't let a network-related problem come in the way of judging software quality :)
  4. I downloaded the archive, unzipped and was quite surprised that there was no toplevel directory inside. Luckily not too many files to delete but I did delete the archive too (rm -r nu*) :) As I was still interested I redownloaded! --WebEngine can run either standalone (with startup time <4s) My log: Framework started in 5 sec. Now I just have to think how exactly to give it a try...