N-BRAIN today announced release of the next micro version of UNA (1.0.7404). This version of UNA adds support for three new languages that run on the Java platform: Groovy, the dynamic scripting language; Scala, the hybrid functional/object-oriented language; and Fan, the new language that runs on either the JVM or CLI runtime. Support for these languages includes rich syntax highlighting, source snippets for commonly used constructs, file templates, and detection of errors and warnings in compiler output. A video showing how to setup UNA for the Fan programming language may be founded on Vimeo. Other features in this release include a greatly improved structure view, type-based method suggestions for some languages, improved performance for large Subversion repositories, support for the D programming language, and an assortment of other enhancements and fixes. The solo coding edition of UNA is free and may be downloaded from N-BRAIN's home page. For the collaborative edition, open source licenses are free of charge, while pricing for commercial use starts at $25 per user. For more information, visit http://www.n-brain.net.