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    Hi Friends, I has a doubt regarding the servlets. In our project we are passing some parameters as query string. At the same time we are also passing some parameters as hidden form fields at the end of the html form. My doubt is when we are accessing request parameters I am able to receive the parameters that are set in query string. I am not able to get the values that are set in hidden form fields. why this is happening or am I performing any mistake. I am in confusion. Please, clarify my doubt clearly. Thanks in advance. regards, sathish kumar.G.

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    when you say as query string, you reckon a get request? because a post-request 'should' work (and I recommend to use post requests) try a http sniffer (there's a firefox plugin: Tamper data, under unix it would be snoop, I think) to see, what's sent by the client. and check the hidden fields, they should be inside the html-form tag (I had this problem once) and post the source for the rendered html-form, would be helpful slowfly
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    In our project we are passing some parameters as query string
    That means parameters are appended to URL. It makes HTTP GET request. All that parameters appended in URL will be available as request parameters. You are not submitting a form, so hidden fields will not be available. For more information on HTTP request methods and query string see HTTP protocol overview tutorial