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    The Tasktop Team is very pleased to announce the release of Tasktop Summer 2008. The coolest thing in this release is the new time tracking and reporting feature, which gives you full transparency into your work activities with automatic to-the-minute tracking of time spent working both within and outside of Eclipse. As usual, we put all of the control at your finger tips, enabling you to do things like adjusting timings. You also get flexible reports so that you don’t have to stress the creative side of your brain when needing to report activity or fill out time sheets, and can save your creativity for more interesting activities like coding. Eclipse Mylyn users will be pleased to learn that we are now providing a free version of Tasktop called Tasktop Starter. This allows us to deliver to you some valuable features that are out of the scope of Eclipse and Mylyn. Below you can see a snapshot of the welcome screen that will get you started exploring the features in Tasktop Starter, such as one-click install of partner connectors, automatic Mylyn updates to either release or weekly builds, and a time tracking dashboard for the current week. We’ve also included the Gmail connector for free, which lets you easily tag conversations in Gmail have them appear in Mylyn’s Task List and be accessible when working offline. Read the full post at http://tasktop.com/blog/?p=34
  2. Tasktop is a very interesting use of the Eclipse platform to solve problems that are quite distinct from Java development. I hope it catches on. It's great to see a Java technology used in this way--and a big validation of the value of Eclipse and Mylyn architecture. Eclipse is truly much more than a Java IDE. I've been using Tasktop daily for the last few months and I highly recommend it. I love the ability not just to have a task list (which is nothing special in itself) but to associate a context with each task and be able to switch quickly and easily between tasks. Great when the phone rings, for example. In the interests of full disclosure, I should say that SpringSource partners with Tasktop to help us deliver SpringSource Tool Suite. Rgds Rod, SpringSource