HermesJMS 1.13 Released


News: HermesJMS 1.13 Released

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    HermesJMS is an extensible console that helps you interact with JMS providers making it easy to browse or seach queues and topics, copy messages around and delete them. It fully integrates with JNDI letting you discover administered objects stored, create JMS sessions from the connection factories and use any destinations found. Many providers include a plugin that uses the native API to do non-JMS things like getting queue depths (and other statistics) or finding queue and topic names.
  2. I've used hermes loads in the past, and would recommend it anyone working with JMS, who doesn't have access to vendor provided tooling.
  3. I find Hermes pretty useful, especially when dealing with more than one JMS provider. Thanks and keep up the good work Colin! Cheers, Ross Mason MuleSource