jLibrary 1.2 has been released.


News: jLibrary 1.2 has been released.

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    jLibrary (http://www.jlibrary.org) 1.2 has been released. This update release includes several performance and scalability improvements as well as new exciting features: - Memory usage has been drastically reduced. You can have now your repository from as low as 64Mb of RAM. - Every repository created from the desktop tool is immediately available in the web. Documents can be displayed and edited both from the desktop and from your favourite browser. - Repositories can be easily customized through freemarker templates for making them more web-friendly. - The UI has been migrated to Eclipse 3.4. - Many UI usability improvements. - Server side has been updated to Jackrabbit 1.4. - Storage migrated to use Jackrabbit's bundled persistence managers that are quite more perfomant. - An MBean layer has been added to expose transparently the status of the server. - Session management has been also improved. - Support for adding, editing and removing document's custom properties from the UI. - Integrated WTP XML editor for XML editing. - Improved Maven support. Maven builds both server and client RCP application. Artifacts have been made public to make development easier. - Some minor fixes in the security model. - Many bugs fixed. This release has become possible thanks to the effort of many people, but specially thanks to Blandware (http://www.blandware.com). Blandware has its own two open-source CMS projects: AtLeap (http://atleap.dev.java.net) and AtLeapLite (http://atleaplite.sourceforge.net/).

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  2. Why don't you at least say two words in the abstract of this news item to say what jLibrary is? I know it has a lower memory usage and that session management has been improved, but I still don't know what it is and what it does. JB.
  3. I am sure that there must be some download link in the Jlibrary web site, but i couldn't find it for my last 7 minutes browsing, most probably my mistake, or the site is not very intuitive.... :) but Yes One thing I know it now, it is a document management system :)
  4. Hi Khurram, You can download jLibrary on http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=95837
  5. JB That's exactly what I was thinking
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    Is not so dificult ... if you enter into the website the first paragraph is: jLibrary is a DMS (Document Management System), oriented for personal and enterprise use. This double approach make from jLibrary an unique product. With jLibrary, you can classify your documents, videos, or any other media type. You can export those contents to static web pages based on templates, search on those content, add comments, categorize it, etc. If you have more questions you can visit de FAQ.
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    I mean ... If you go into ... :)
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    You may want to update the download links. The page at http://www.jlibrary.org/repositories/jLibrary/Download says "Latest jLibrary version is: jLibrary 1.1"
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