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    Hello! Just started using EJB 3.0 so bare with me please.. The question is regarding an entity with an auto generated ID public class Appointment implements Serializable { ... private int appid; ... @Id @GeneratedValue @Column(name="APP_ID") public int getAppId( ) { return appid; } public void setAppId(int pk) { appid = pk; } ... } When I take an instance of this POJO entity and persist it entitymanager.persist(appointment); I would like to know what appId it was given since I need this value for the next step in my process. I cannot use entitymanager.find(..) since I don't know the PK and performing a query on all the other columns cant be done since they are not unique. There must be a better way.. Does anyone know? Thanks a lot! Scott
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    Problem resolved.. Thanks anyways
  3. Hi, Suppose, 1 .Module in the entity-is having the getter/setter method 2. After Module entity is persisted, then you can get the Primary key value entitymanager.persist(module); By debug mode,check primary key value present/ or not in the module entity attributes after calling the above method. I think, this will solve your problem.