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    Hi I have 2 bean's in my ear file the ear file must be supported to be installed on weblogic and websphere application servers my ejb work fine with weblogic 8 and weblogic 9 but when I deploy the ear on weblogic 10 I have this error message "cvc-id.2: Duplicate ID Value 'MessageDriven_1080232332' : null " where 'MessageDriven_1080232332' is my mdb id in the deployment descriptor there is another bean and there is no problem with it's ID Note : for websphere each tag in the deployment descriptor has id so I can't remove the id's when I remove this tag every thing is going well (but I can't) my ejb-jar.xml : <!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?--> AsynchronousService Asynchronoustest com.palmyra.arch.service.facade.ejbs.sef.AsynchronousService Container Auto-acknowledge javax.jms.Queue jms/Queue javax.jms.Queue Facade Facade com.palmyra.arch.service.facade.ejbs.sef.FacadeHome com.palmyra.arch.service.facade.ejbs.sef.Facade com.palmyra.arch.service.facade.ejbs.sef.FacadeLocalHome com.palmyra.arch.service.facade.ejbs.sef.FacadeLocal com.palmyra.arch.service.facade.ejbs.sef.FacadeBean Stateless Container Asynchronoustest onMessage NotSupported Facade executeActionMandatory Mandatory Facade executeActionRequierd Required Facade executeActionRequierdNew RequiresNew Facade executeActionSupport Supports Facade executeActionNotSupport NotSupported Facade executeActionNever Never Facade sendMessage NotSupported Facade executeService Required Facade receive Required I need help thanx
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    Hi, Did you ever find a formal solution from BEA? I am in the process of updating to WAS 7.0 and WLS 10.3. I am hitting the same issue. As per one Oracle OTN post, there is expected to be a patch. But that post is 6 months old and I don't see any patch