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    Adam Bien's post on Interceptors and EJB 3 will show what you gain by using this type of construct in your Java projects. Besides the benefits, Adam also provides step by step instructions on using interceptors and EJB 3. Read Adam's complete post on Interceptors and EJB 3
  2. Hello

    I have an sales EJB project which controls the inventory, in and out of stock.

    I want to add extra functionality to the EJB, such as payment and billing.

    For this I want to use Interceptor in Session Bean class. I want to implement the new functionality as a component, decoupled from the current implementation.

    But I have not access to the current session bean or Xml (ejb-jar), so I can not put the @ Interceptor in the class or method! how I can solve my problem?

    Can I add @ Interceptor from another location, class or session? There is another way of doing?

    Thanks for your help.