Portuguese startup readies "Java for iPhone" toolkit


News: Portuguese startup readies "Java for iPhone" toolkit

  1. Inovaworks, a Portuguese startup, announced yesterday their upcoming jaiPhon toolkit, which allows Java Developers to use the Java Programming Language to develop software to Apple's iPhone platform. We're arguing that there is a huge potential market of 5 million people worldwide (us, the Java Developers) wanting to develop legal content for Apple's platform, and not having a legal, viable way of doing so in Java if we will, and if we've accepted Apple's terms in the iPhone Developer Program. So, in good ol' fashioned "if it ain't there, build it", we started building it, and we're on our way to finish it. We introduced yesterday what will be a complete toolset for Java developers to write Apple-compliant, AppStore-ready applications. It's jaiPhon, the "Java on iPhone" development kit. Our goals while building jaiPhon included: * Using the familiar Java programming language * Using a familiar IDE like Eclipse or Netbeans * Generating 100% valid and compliant iPhone applications * Explicitly avoiding software black boxes and developer lock-in * Allowing for Xcode Instruments tuneups if needed We just started walking in public, and we see a long road ahead of interesting innovations before we can run. A first, functional version, will be made publicly available in late September, begginning October at most. It will be a commercial product, but will be affordable to most pockets. It will open the amazingly new iPhone world to the Java community. An updated site will come up in the next few weeks in http://www.jaiphon.com. Development news will also be made available on Hugo Pinto's blog, at http://www.hugojpinto.com.

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  2. Sounds really exciting! However, I'm not in to perfumes, thanks. ;) I presume this is the blog? http://www.blogger.com/profile/13984820683469338801
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    Sorry guys, Correct link is http://www.hugojpinto.com I'll edit the Link ASAP Hugo
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    So this is like GWT for the Iphone that compiles Java code to Objective-c and IPhone toolkit?, What about Java runtime, gargbage collector etc or it is just objective-c code on the Iphone?, The IDE will be Xcode or I can use also IntelliJ?. What about OpenGL and Core Animation, I can do it in Java also for make casual games?. It will be Opensource and what licensing schema are you using?. This project sounds very good, if is good and it works it will open many doors. because really I don't like objective-c, Apple this days is doing many stupid decisions. Regards.
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    So this is like GWT for the Iphone that compiles Java code to Objective-c and IPhone toolkit?
    This would be quite interesting. Basically it's also what Wine does; mapping the Win32 API to a Unix one. It's also a potentially very long road and a never ending one. The Wine project has been running almost as long as Win32 itself exists. GNUStep, which is implementing the OpenStep Objective-C libraries has been running for a *very* long time too. Since the iPhone toolkit is basically Cocoa and Cocoa is basically OpenStep++, the amount of time put into GNUStep may possible be an indication of how long this project might take.
    I don't like objective-c, Apple this days is doing many stupid decisions.
    It's not a recent decision. Basically it dates back to 1988, when NextStep was first released and based on Objective-C. Mac OS X is build on that foundation and the iPhone runs a slimmed down version of that.
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    I'm sorry I think I rushed to fast to ask questions and I didn't finish to read the complete article because really it sounds very exciting the project but I was reading the next message and I didn't catch on something, So this will be a commercial project not opensource?. And as the commenter after me said that this will be a long run as Wine but the project is Commercial?, geez, Houston we have a problem. No sorry like this kind of projects should be opensource it is a lot of effort for a small startup like this kind of project plus commercial closed source, it will take like 20 years to complete? for that time maybe Apple is out of business hehe. Also this kind of projects really need first adopters because is very risky as the last commenter said about OpenStep and Wine, So usually is this kind of projects start opensource and when there begin a profit offering services you could use dual licensing and gain more profit. Why some IT people doesn't understand that commercial software ala Microsoft is plain dead in this times. hmm... maybe I should really learn objective-c. Regards and Good Luck.