What information should be atleast recorded for replaying of recorded EJb calls? Hi All, I am working on an application which has to record ejb call/invocations made by an Ejb Client from client side so that i can replay them. I tried different ways for recording and now have decided to use AOP with loadtime weaving of calls from EjbObject. I am able to get information like Bean Name, Method name, Method parameters, Method response(return object) etc. The hard part of the application would be replaying the recorded invocations by some virtual user and in this replaying process the most difficult part would be finding correlations between live data and recorded data. I am looking for different possiblities for correlations between recorded data and live data like Session IDs in case of stateful session beans etc. what maximum information i can get from client side Ejb calls during recording to support replaying mechanism? Please share your ideas and suggestions