Instantiations Updates GWT Designer in support of GWT 1.5


News: Instantiations Updates GWT Designer in support of GWT 1.5

  1. GWT Designer ( is the leading GUI building plug-in for GWT and become very popular since its launch in late 2006. Based on Instantiations award-winning WindowBuilder product, GWT Designer is an Eclipse-based graphical user interface (GUI) creation tool supporting features such as drag-and-drop GUI building and bi-directional code generation, providing several useful wizards that help make GWT development easier. It allows developers to focus on creating and testing rich Internet applications using Eclipse, Java and GWT without worrying about the complexities of AJAX coding. GWT Designer uses wizards, WYSIWYG builders, composites, layouts and controls. GWT Developer is available through an annual subscription of $59 for one year, $99 for 2-years, $139 for 3-years (all of which include one year of support), or a perpetual license for $124 with one year of support.
  2. Congratulations! It is a very good product.
  3. GWT Designer was instrumental and creating the front-end for my last GWT-based project. The customers loved that front-end. I've never been an HTML fan, and the GWT/GWT Designer combo, for me, makes HTML mark-up a thing of the past.
  4. Congratulations. Good product and company.