Velosurf is a java database mapping layer for Apache Velocity template engine. Velosurf provides an 'out-of-the-box' automatized mapping of database tables and fields, along with the ability to easily define custom entities, queries and actions in SQL. It is a lightweight and flexible placeholder to persistence systems. Velosurf main features are:
  • easy template grammar
  • reverse engeenering of database schema
  • code isolation: SQL queries are gathered in one place and appear as standard objects properties
  • dynamic mapping: no need to recompile on any database change
  • automatic connection recovery, statements and connections pooling
  • natural type mapping
  • transactions
  • default Java mapping objects that you can override when needed
  • basic tools to include authentication, internationalization and data validation in your app
Velosurf can be used as a standard Velocity tool (and as such easily integrated in every Web framework that supports the Velocity Tools rendering layer), as well as a generic java database abstraction layer. The result of two years of enhancements and fixes, this release provides the library with maturity and stability.