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News: The Grinder IDE: GrinderStone, 2nd release

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    We are glad to announce that finally GrinderStone 2.0 is released: GrinderStone is a plugin for Eclipse IDE that allow users of The Grinder tool (Java load-testing framework) to debug created for it scripts. Along with debugging capabilities GrinderStone provided following features: - Dramatically decrease time needed to develop complex frameworks for testing Web application using The Grinder - Significantly improve ability to locate and correct Script errors - Almost all those features that are available in Eclipse IDE during Py scripts developments including auto-complete, syntax highlighting and etc - Ability to view and access variables used in Test Scripts for The Grinder - Ability to use breakpoints in Test Scripts What’s new in this release: - Proved compatibility with Eclipse IDE version 3.4 - Compatibility with PyDev Eclipse IDE plug-in versions 1.3.19 and 1.3.20 - Compatibility with release versions of The Grinder (version 3.0.1 and 3.1) - Ability to install GrinderStone via Eclipse IDE Software Update or manually - Bug fixes and improvements System Requirements: In order to work with GrinderStone plug-in it is required to: - Have any operating system that is supported by Eclipse IDE - Have The Grinder version 3.0.1 or 3.1 installed - Have JDK 1.5+ installed Download Link: Support group: ------------------------------------------- Andruschuk Borislav Andrey Isaev

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    Neat, I was wondering when that'd come. Now the same for IntelliJ IDEA, please :)
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    Unfortunately we are not planning to migrate GrinderStone as IDEA plugin (maybe because I am Eclipse fun ;)...In any case if you interested and you will find many minded people - we can try to start a portage of GrinderStone to Intelij as branch project.
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    Now the same for IntelliJ IDEA, please :)