Jspresso is a full-stack java framework to develop N-tier distributed desktop-like applications. Jspresso covers extensively the whole software architecture and relieves the developer from all the plumbing by solving most of the technical concerns. Jspresso philosophy extends the "Convention over configuration" paradigm with a descriptive strategy made of assembling built-in descriptors (java beans). You describe what you want to achieve and not how you want to achieve it. This strategy makes the framework prescriptive and thus offers tremendous advantages. Before diving into the advantages, it is fair to note that there is one drawback to this approach : the resulting applications conform to a standardized structure (the prescriptive thing), i.e. the application is made of workspaces, modules, views and models; this means that although you will cover your business needs, you won't have your hands on how they are covered (have a look to the live demo and screenshots to get an idea of this common structure). Once you've accepted this "feature", you are ready to enter the Jspresso world and change the way you think about business applications development. Visit http://www.jspresso.org/page/jspresso-overview to get a deeper understanding of Jspresso key benefits and features.