Epictetus 0.3.2 beta: Database Desktop Manager


News: Epictetus 0.3.2 beta: Database Desktop Manager

  1. Epictetus is a free cross platform database tool. New release can work with Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, Firebird, HsqlDB, H2 and PostgreSQL. Starting from this version Epictetus requires Java 1.5 or later to run. Release Notes of latest release: * PostgreSQL Support * Can run on Java 1.5 * Call stored procedures using 'exec' keyword * PL/SQL support for Query window * "Test connection" button in connection properties and default schema select * Restore all windows after restart * The 'view' source text for MySQL * Data filter improved * Fixed most important GUI bugs Requirements: Java 1.5 or later Links: Download Epictetus 0.3.1 Video Demonstration Forum RSS Feed Interview: Konstantin Chikarev on Epictetus Database Manager Powered by Netbeans Platform
  2. Congrats! Let me download and see, if it can replace my old Oracle SQL Developer. SS jsptube.com
  3. Congrats!
    Let me download and see, if it can replace my old Oracle SQL Developer.

    Could you please post your opinion about it after downloading and seeing it? because I'm using Oracle sql developer too.
  4. I have been using another nice DB management tool for years. Its name is Druid (cf http://druid.sourceforge.net). In my opinion, this kind of tools is a must-have for any work involving a DB. And Java is especially good in that field. (<- ad for non-Java people who are still reading TSS :)
  5. Too bad it costs money :(
  6. I can't say that Epictetus can now replace Oracle SQL Developer. But if you want some special features just contact me. Because without feedback I implement things that primary for my vision. P.S. Epictetus is completely free and it will be
  7. This sounds very similar to SQuirreL SQL (http://www.squirrelsql.org/) which I've been happily using for several years. Can someone who has experience with both provide an honest contrast and comparison?
  8. Look promising but ....[ Go to top ]

    Look promising but it is far away from e.g. SQLDeveloper. Good points: - NetBeans platform based - Rich palette of schema objects (including business logic objects as triggers, procedures etc ...) - DB Management objects (as tablespaces) - Statistics Info So, to conclude, intentions are promising: to approach more useful aspects than "traditional" GUI DB Tools as Squirrel or DB Visualizer and not to target to just a single major database (as SQLDeveloper). But ... My current standard concerning GUI DB Tools is AquaDataStudio, in terms of GUI usability and completeness of db aspects. If the first Epictetus stable release will be at pairs with ADS at least version 4.7 (last one free for developers) then will have a chance in this "marketplace", otherwise I don't think current Squirell, SQL Developer, DB Visualizer users will be tempted to make the switch ...