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EJB programming & troubleshooting: need explaination about session bean

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    i'm just start learning java for the past 6 month and i'm interesting in J2EE..I got 2 question & my question is : for example i've created a LocalSessionBean : public long calCulate(long x, long y){ x + y = long g; return g; } if 1000 users access that bean and give different different value of x and y, did all the user got different value of g? for the 2nd question: what the different between sessionbean and cookies? I'm doing a lot of reserch about this but i can't understand it, for the expert out there..please help me.. thanks, Ibrahim
  2. Yes, all users will get a unique value of 'g' as per their input. Here I am assuming that 'g' is not a variable of your SessionBean. SessionBean contain the business logic to be executed inside application server and Cookies are used to store information on client side.
  3. thanks for the explaination but i need another explaination on web app. I've trying to develope Enterprise Aplication in netbeans, in the sample application there are client app, do i really need to create the client app in my project and what that client app does? thanks, Ibrahim