Bonita team releases Nova Bonita BPM solution


News: Bonita team releases Nova Bonita BPM solution

  1. This is the first BPM solution based on top of The Process Virtual Machine technology ( You can easily embeed Nova Bonita runtime as a library in your application or deploy it in your enterprise environment as a BPM server. Nova Bonita distribution is composed by the following modules: * Nova Bonita designer: this is the BPM development environment allowing to graphically define your processes as well as Workflow/BPM connectors to your information system. * Nova Bonita runtime: this is the Nova Bonita process engine. Processes can be deployed, executed and monitored through a rich API providing BPM services. * Nova Bonita console: this is the web 2.0 graphical interface fostering the user experience during BPM deployment, execution and monitoring phases. Nova Bonita can be downloaded at More info about Bonita can be found at and
  2. Congratulations on the release[ Go to top ]

    Congratulations on the release! Looks very interesting, and look forward to trying it out.
  3. It seems that the IDE platform chosen for that project is Eclipse. Anyone here knows of a BPM designer available in Swing? (in Open source, needless to say :)
  4. Olivier, Bonita designer is available in two versions: Eclipse and Swing based. Both are available at the Bonita download forge Designer's swing version is called regards, Miguel
  5. Yes, congrats for this new release !
  6. Congratulation to the Bonita team!!! it's great to see a nice leverage of the eXo Platform WebOS to deliver the Nova Bonita console. You can also watch a demo here
  7. Thanks Julien and eXo for the great eXo Platform 2.0 version. eXo Web 2.0 technology saved us a lot of development time on the BPM Console best regards, Miguel