IDRsolutions are pleased to announce, their new PDFhelp application, offering developers a much easier and slicker way to provide online help in Java applications. PDFhelp allows developers to provide help documentation as PDF files which your users can fully search and view. Because it uses PDF files, which can be easily created from existing documentation, there is no fiddly rewriting in HTML and updating is a simple case of replacing the PDFs. PDFhelp allows developers to add a list of PDF files to their applications. PDFhelp then provides you the 2-3 lines of code to cut and paste into your application to provide online interactive help! PDFhelp is licensed on a simple per application basis, with free licenses for non-profit entities and charities and we have a special introductory price for the next 2 weeks. As a thank-you to our existing customers, all users of our JPedal PDF library who currently have valid support contracts are entitled to a free license as well. Full details and tutorials are at