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    I have been tasked to build a web 2.0 front end to an existing J2EE server application to replace a Swing-based desktop GUI. There's so much technology out there, I'm not sure where to start looking for tools to evaluate, so I'm asking for help here. :) I'm inclined to evaluate tools like JSF and Spring. My perception is that JSF is like a better version of Struts, but I really don't know what Spring is yet. I'm also going to need some kind of AJAX technology, so GWT is an option, I've also heard of DOJO and JQuery. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated -- I really don't want to overlook something appropriate. Thanks! rh
  2. Consider EXT + Jersey[ Go to top ]

    We are using EXT + Jersey + Spring (JPA or JDBC).
  3. If you are looking for something very close to the current swing GUI, I would suggest using Adobe Flex for the best UI look and feel. If its a really large application, JSF would be a good framework to choose, since you can use all sorts of components with it ( check out fiji ). Spring is not at all a choice for web 2.0 development since it does not give anything useful there for web 2.0. Dojo, jQuery, Scriptaculous, extjs are javascript libraries that enhance plain HTML markup with good visual effects and ajax support. I personally am a big gan of scriptaculous and extjs.