Eclipse IDE gets comprehensive JPA GUI with CocoBase plug-in


News: Eclipse IDE gets comprehensive JPA GUI with CocoBase plug-in

  1. Thought Inc. announces a breakthrough in ease of use and productivity for developers doing Java Persistence API (JPA) development with the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Newly released CocoBase V5.5 SR2 has achieved a full graphical user interface (GUI) integration with the Eclipse IDE. This means that developers can now use the comprehensive and extremely easy to use CocoBase GUI and Wizards for creating JPAs from within the Eclipse IDE. This is important because there is no GUI for JPA available from EclipseLink, and the Dali GUI for JPA is too basic and limited to be useful for enterprise level development initiatives at this time. Now, for example, an Eclipse IDE developer can start with any of the numerous available Eclipse UML Modeling plug-ins to graphically model their Java classes. Next the developer uses the CocoBase GUI to automatically import those modeled as well as any existing classes. With this step completed, the developer then imports any existing tables which CocoBase intelligently auto-maps to these classes. The project ORM mappings are created as the natural result of these two steps. One more click and developers generate a fully running JPA baseline application. Eclipse has been lacking a fully functional, simple to use and productive GUI for Java ORM and especially for JPA development. Previous and existing projects typically require the developer to "type" in the annotations or XML files in order to create the ORM mappings. The Dali project came the closest to providing this simplistic level of support, however it proved to be inefficient and too time consuming to use. While the Dali and EclipseLink projects are excellent starting points to assist developers with persisting data in their applications, the new version of CocoBase® leaps so far ahead in delivering today what these projects hope to deliver in the future, it is truly a fundamental breakthrough. Developer response to the new plug-in has been amazing. The CocoBase Solution and Eclipse plug-in is available for formal evaluation by prospective customers at . Marketing Contact: Greg Baker, Director of Sales & Marketing, Thought Inc. at (415) 836-9199.
  2. Id sounds cool, but it would be more convincing if there would be a side-by-side comparison, screenshots or video tutorial available that someone could look at.
  3. it would be more convincing if there would be a side-by-side comparison ...
    ... and if you cut out the overblown marketing. This is a technical site so really its up to developers to decide if it is such a "amazing" "fundamental" "breakthrough" :-)
  4. I agree: it would be more convincing if there would be a side-by-side comparison, obviously.
  5. I agree with you that having more information available would help you to understand in more detail why the CocoBase JPA GUI plug-in could be helpful for your use. I am working with marketing and engineering to create something. When it is ready I will post a note here. In the meantime, if you are interested I can schedule an online CocoBase Introduction for you and your team members. It takes about 45 minutes and longer if you want to spend more time. So far we have received a lot of very positive feedback on the JPA GUI plug-in from our customers and are working to incorporate their comments and requests. If there is anything further I can do for you please don't hesitate to contact me. Warmest Regards, Greg Baker, Director of Sales, Thought Inc.
  6. Eugene, Thanks again for pointing out that more detailed information was needed so that you could determine for yourself if the plug-in was of value to you. Here is an initial response with details of what the CocoBase JPA GUI Plug-in for Eclipse includes. I hope this helps and thank you for your consideration. If you would like to see it for yourself just let me know and I can arrange an online CocoBase Introduction for you. CocoBase JPA GUI Plug-In For Eclipse IDE Details; A highly optimized commercial grade mapping workbench integrated into the Eclipse windowing system itself, that is designed to improve the highly manual task of developing complex JPA applications that developers currently face. Some of the key usability features are: 1) Model oriented import wizards that will automatically import and map database schemas and java class models in a couple of point and clicks, versus a very manual step by step approach in Dali. 2) Integration with eclipse environment so that model error checking shows up in project problem resolution. 3) Can import classes from existing eclipse projects including classes generated from UML Modeling tools. 4) The class synchronization facility can detect and synchronize Eclipse class changes and update the mapping model automatically to reflect the class changes. 5) The table synchronization facility can detect and synchronize database table changes and update the mapping model automatically to reflect them. 6) Includes help tutorials in the workbench for common tasks. 7) Visually see errors and model problems for mapping before testing and deployment. 8) Generate either JPA Entity or POJO classes from mapping model that is either created from importing a database model or manually created with the plug-in. 9) Generate DDL script to create database tables in target databases from Mapping Model if needed. 10) Can import and map stored procedures and route those to JPA CRUD operations. 11) Optionally define custom SQL behaviors for JPA CRUD operations and incorporate database hints and/or custom syntax for non-standard access requirements. 12) Visually define and map named result sets and named queries that can be called from JPA PersistenceManager. Please let me know if this response meets your needs. If you have and/or anyone else has further questions please let me know. Warmest Regards, Greg Baker, Director of Sales for CocoBase, Thought Inc.
  7. its even easier[ Go to top ]

    just use a smart IDE when it comes to JPA like IDEA and use one of the free open source frameworks like OpenJPA or Hibernate or even Toplink aka EclipseLink. Who needs expensive frameworks for ORM anymore? Its interessting to see that there are stil companies alive that sell this stuff like Thought Inc. or Signsoft. And not showing up the price for "frameworks" (would understand if its business software) on a hompage is quite lame... Marc Logemann
  8. Marc, I see from your post that we really need to get some additional details available so that people can understand in detail what we are offering, and why it may be useful to them. We are working on that and when it is ready I will be sure to post a note on here. Thanks for sharing your response. To let you know, our customers are the ones who requested the JPA GUI plug-in as they needed a user interface that was much more streamlined, did more of the detail work for them, and gave them access to the full range of enterprise features available in CocoBase that complements our certified compliant JPA implementation very well. Many of our customers are large enterprise shops that have a fair amount of complexity in their requirements and needed a solution that could support them successfully. I hope this begins to help you understand why a commercial solution of technology and services for ORM is still needed by customers. As far as not disclosing the price on our home page and/or our website, we found that it was often more confusing to customers than helpful to do so and subsequently removed it. Our pricing covers a combination of technology and services which allows us to tailor the price to exactly meet the specific needs of our customers. I have found that our pricing is usually less expensive than the cost of professional open source service programs. Once again, I hope my response helps you to understand why we do things in the manner we do. If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. And if you are interested in seeing the JPA GUI plug-in for Eclipse IDE for yourself just let me know and I can arrange an online introduction. Warmest Regards, Greg Baker, Director of Sales, Thought Inc.