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    An article on IT-Director.com claims that "The UDDI standard might possibly be the most revolutionary set of standards to come about since TCP/IP itself." They base this claim on the assumption that "If UDDI is successful and establishes itself as the preferred international white pages for every company that uses TCP/IP, then it will become the global backbone of eCommerce."

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  2. IMHO the UDDI falls a bit short when it comes to providing a useful framework for discovery of *e-services* (specifically) - it's fine for the discovery of companies though.
    My main complain against the UDDI standard as it is right now is that it only provides human-readable information. What would be really useful for "find & use" scenario is an ability to provide machine-readable definitions of services provided by the business entity. On the other hand, UDDI is good if you want to find a company and have a friendly chat with a marketing guy about why they are perfect match for your needs...

    Also, when you are able to create any taxonomy you wish, you end up in a big mess. How can you find anything useful if everyone names their "unique" services with their own tModel attributes? IMHO, the standard leaves way too much freedom for that - it should impose a general framework for categorization, with possibility for extensions.

    Not to promote any particular vendor here :-), but I think that the model of the services' lookup and usage implemented in HP's eSpeak is far superior. Pity that HP doesn't know how to market it, and consequently can't gain any momentum for their solution...
  3. In fairness, what you say is missing is exactly what the green pages part is supposed to provide. Register service interfaces and allow you to find businesses that implement a specific service, no?

    Whether at the current spec levels etc, it's a complete solution or not may be what you're trying to address here, or am I mistaken? But in any case, they seem to be moving quickly with WSDL 1.1 etc to try and bridge any gaps.

    Something to watch is whether RosettaNet etc will evolve to run on top of UDDI/SOAP or will they stay on their existing technical protocols which are also based on XML and HTTP.
  4. RosettaNet and many other industry domain groups have already openly committed themselves to migrating their standards efforts to http://www.ebXML.org ; for really doing business-2-business on the Internet.
    Also IBM has been presenting material that suggests UDDI sh/could merge with ebXML registry concept; since ebXML hosts all the things like Business Processes and Trading Partner technical details meant for really doing B2B between the technical platforms.
    There's feeling that one can go to an ebXML registry and run a simple query on it to get the same high level company info that you could get from a UDDI search; but via ebXML you can easily go the next step and do real B2B.

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    Not to get too off topic, but if you're looking at ebXML and RosettaNet, check out the BPML standard being put together by BPMI.