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    Hi All, I have to create a website which will only have readable content. But the content is spread and it is not ready. But it is urgent to finish the site. I was thinking about dynamic content. As and when the new text is ready it will be placed on a file. When the user will click on the link the java code will read that file and display it on jsp. But for every page there would be one file. So if there are 4000 pages then 4000 files would be there. I don't think this is a good one. Please provide your suggestions. (The content of the website will be also searchable and also printable in pdf)
  2. You should consider using client side XSLT instead of using JSPs. Your content can be stored as XML files and your XSL stylesheets will take care of rendering them nicely on the browser. You could also use any available templating engines like freemarker or velocity. As for your problem of keeping 4000 files for 4000 pages, I dont think there can be any solution so long as the 4000 pages dont have any common content. If the pages are different, then you just need to maintain those many content files. If its the file management thats bothering you, then you could always store the content in relational DB. Content querying could be made easy by using ORM tools like hibernate. Searching: Lucene search can be used if you cannot pay for google search. PDF Export: Open source solutions like JasperReports can be used.
  3. From your requirements it is very clear that you need a Content Management Site. Apache Lenya is ideal for you. No need to keep files for content. Lenya can store ur data in a database and it takes care of the linking part also. All you need to do is create screens and link your content. Your business ppl can write their own content.