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    Hi friends, This is sathish kumar back again with a new problem. I will get down straight to the problem. In our project we are making use of sessions and they are wokring fine. what I am facing the situation is; let us say we opened two tabs in firefox and openend project in both tabs and logged in with one username and password and in the second tab when I logged in with the new username and password it is showing the screens related to the previously entered username and password. Is this related to session problem or shall we has to set some sort of permissions customly. I am able to decide where exactly this gets fitted. As of my knowledge and experience I came to know that we can set the permissions for the applications manually and control through our application only. I don't know how best this solution will work out. Please, any suggestions, help, comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance. yours, sathish kumar.g.

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    Hi, This behavior is because of the cookie based session tracking. Both the tabs use the same cookies and therefore the session gets replicated. Newer frameworks like JBoss Seam have tried to solve this problem much more elegantly using a notion of conversation. The idea is that the same session can have multiple conversations which are tracked using its own conversation id. You will have to do something along the same lines, but the crux of this solution lies in the usage of url rewriting instead of using cookies. Change your session tracking mechanism from cookie based to URL rewriting and you will have a headstart. Introduce conversation only if you want to do have independent conversations in the same session.