soapUI 2.5, The REST Release is out


News: soapUI 2.5, The REST Release is out

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    The eviware team has released soapUI 2.5, the REST Release. soapUI 2.5, by eviware, introduces support for testing of RESTful services, including Inspection, Invocation, Functional Tests, Assertions and LoadTests. soapUI 2.5 allows tests of both WADL supported and WADLess RESTful Services. The REST testing support makes soapUI the first testing tool to properly support REST Testing. soapUI 2.5 also includes WADL generation and from WADLess services and Documentation generation from both WADLed and WADLess Services soapUI 2.5 will allow you to test both XML and JSON output from RESTful Web Services.soapUI 2.5 also contains an additional number of features such as
    • Support for WS-addressing
    • Encrypted Projects
    • SSL Tunneling and recording of SSL Communication
    soapUI Pro Features soapUI Pro 2.5 includes all soapUI improvements as well as a Team supported Project files. The testing projects in soapUI Pro can be saved as composites making it much simpler to collaborate on projects either in shared environments or in Version Control System, make development team much more effective. soapUI Pro 2.5 also includes DataGen TestStep for Automatic Data Generation in tests, new LoadTest Strategies and more. As always we are grateful for all the feedback we’ve had developing the new version and would like to encourage you to try it out. Read about all the features and download soapUI 2.5 here

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    soapUI 2.5 with REST support is a winner. As far as I know soapUI 2.5 is the first test tool with REST test construction capability. The software development community has needed this for a while. SOAP is doing well, but REST is hugely more popular among developers. PushToTest will upgrade TestMaker to fully support soapUI 2.5. TestMaker repurposes soapUI tests as functional tests, load and performance tests, and business service production monitors. Additionally, we are already updating our soapUI Training Course to include REST training. Details are at Lastly, it is very nice to see WADL support. The Web Application Description Language (WADL) is to REST what WSDL is to SOAP. WADL is an XML-based definition of the REST interface to an application or service. I first heard about WADL back in 2005. Marc Hadley at Sun wrote a blog entry at Since then Marc's efforts seem to have paid off. When building a Web application in NetBeans 6 the new app wizard creates a WADL definition for you automatically. -Frank Cohen
  4. I'm very happy to see a REST testing tool with integrated WADL support. Thanks very much!