The new release of the DataDirect Data Integration Suite (and its component products) is now available. DataDirect Data Integration Suite 4.0 contains: DataDirect XQuery 4.0DataDirect XML Converters (Java & .NET) 4.0Stylus Studio 2009 DataDirect XQuery 4.0 Find complete release highlights at • Support for XQuery update standard for XML (XUF) • Ability to update and create zip files • Enhanced Web Services support • Enhanced streaming and document projection DataDirect XML Converters 4.0 Find complete release highlights at • Support for HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) including the recent version, 5010 • Enhanced support for SEF customizations • Now fully integrated with BizTalk development and deployment (.NET XML Converters) Stylus Studio 2009 Find complete release highlights at • New module, EDI to XML, designed with DataDirect XML Converter user in mind • New wizard, EDI to XQuery Document • New wizard, EDI to XSD Document • XML deployment products license manager To download a free trial of any of the new DataDirect releases, go to: