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News: Gradle 0.5 is available

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    We are very excited to announce the release of Gradle 0.5. This release comes with major new features, like:
    • Full support for deployment to Maven repositories (including pom generation)
    • Support for generating OSGi bundles
    • A Jetty plugin for testing web applications
    • Improved logging
    • and much more ...
    Release notes: User's guide: Download: There will be a Gradle session at Devoxx. I will be around at Devoxx for the whole week. Please drop me a line if you are interested in meeting there. We are also very excited to present Gradle at TheServerSide Java Symposium in March 2009. For those who haven't come across Gradle yet. Gradle is a new, flexible general purpose build system with a build-by-convention framework a la Maven on top. It uses Apache Ivy under the hood for its dependency management. Its build scripts are written in Groovy. - Hans -- Hans Dockter Gradle Project lead

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    Hans, congratulations. Very exciting stuff. Look forward to seeing your presentation at TSS Symposium. Ilya
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    Any chance you'd care to contribute a writeup of Gradle for an upcoming GroovyMag? for groovy and grails developers
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    Definitely. I will contact you. - Hans -- Hans Dockter Gradle Project lead