HP Offers BMW Z3 in J2EE developer competition


News: HP Offers BMW Z3 in J2EE developer competition

  1. Need some wheels? HP is offering a Z3 in a worldside developer competition for solutions using their Bluestone J2EE solution.

    More information at http://www.bluestone.com/bmw
  2. now what is "worldside" ?? if the author wants to say "worldwide", i reequest him to go again and read the guidelines for the contest as it includes a few countries only...surprise.
  3. Well, I guess worldside is the new word for a few countries then :-)
  4. It also means that HP thinks that the "coolest" idea's can come only from 'worldside' countries. Incidentally, let's credit HP with creating a new word 'WorldSide' Guys at m-w.com, please note. ;-)
  5. The thing that bugs me the most is American companies that believe that theres only one country in the world, and its called USA. This usually results in the rest of the non-us residents to be forced to enter information such as which state you live in even though States only exoists in the USA.

    However, HP is obviously broadening their visions here since the allow the following countries:

    Australia, Brazil, Canada (excluding Quebec), Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the 50 United States (and the District of Columbia)

    * KillerBee
  6. Hmm.. Interwoven had a Z3 giveaway less than a year ago, and it was for EACH newly hired developer as a sign-on bonus!

    So HP is only unoriginal but cheap...

    Give away a Z8, and then we're talking!
  7. Hello There

    I think French speaking people are explicitly out of this "worldWIDE" contest...(since Canada (except Quebec) guys are allowed to participate!!!) but Spanish speaking coutries are ok!!!

    I knew that HP was not so cool...As a matter of fact, the reallity is exceeding the virtuality

  8. Many contests must exclude Quebec, there are legality problems associated with the provincial government there. Can't blame HP for that one.


  9. Read the fine prints -
    ... HP Bluestone is giving away a 2-year lease of a BMW Z3 roadster..

    Not even the car, just a 2-year lease!