AMF3 for OSGi, 1.0.0 released


News: AMF3 for OSGi, 1.0.0 released

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    All the details and downloads can be found on this page: To summarise, AMF3 for OSGi comes packaged as three functional bundles and a sample application. Bundle: - contains the basic AMF3 serialisation API. Some of this is based on the work of GraniteDS, so thanks go out to that project. This bundle can also be used as a simple JAR file for inclusion in your Java applications. Bundle: - allows AMF3 serialisation over HTTP and dependends on the OSGi services that you can imagine it would need (namely, HttpService, LogService, ServiceTracker and optionally, EventAdmin). Bundle: - Provides Flex Remoting capabilities for OSGi services over HTTP. A final note, AMF3 for OSGi is *not* a 'data services' implementation, though it could easily be extended to provide that functionality within the OSGi container. I am keen to get feedback on this project; both opinion on its value and results from your testing. Either comment here or email me directly at chris.brind @
  2. And I should add, it is released under LGPL.