ICEfaces Becoming Integral To Sun's RIA Technology Stack


News: ICEfaces Becoming Integral To Sun's RIA Technology Stack

  1. One of the primary considerations with the ICEfaces open source project is to embrace the Java EE ecosystem, with the goal of becoming a pervasive technology across it. We have always viewed Sun Microsystem's technology offerings from Glassfish to NetBeans as a critical part of that ecosystem, and have done extensive integration with both run-time and development technologies. In the run-time space, ICEfaces has always maintained basic integration with Glassfish, but with the introduction of the Grizzly ARP mechanism we have gone way beyond the basics. ICEfaces is tightly integrated with Grizzly and delivers centralized Ajax Push capabilities to the Glassfish Server, making the deployment of scalable collaborative Web 2.0 applications a snap. And as the pioneers of Ajax Push for JSF, ICEfaces offers the most sophisticated solution available for asynchronous push-style web applications. The combination of ICEfaces and Glassfish/Grizzly is unparalleled in the industry. On the development side, we have always strived to integrate with the Sun IDE of choice. Our efforts started with Java Studio Creator, and have continued with several releases of NetBeans, up to our current integration with NetBeans 6.5. Because Woodstock has been a primary consideration in the NetBeans JSF strategy, integrating ICEfaces into this model has been a major challenge, but we have succeeded in delivering both Visual JSF and Facelet support for ICEfaces in NetBeans. Read the rest of the ICEfaces blog post at .
  2. Sounds Excellent! Can you explain but more on Grizzly ARP. Also when can we see Icefaces bundled with Netbeans in Visual Pallete for drag and drop?
  3. Sun is such a conflicting company. On one side here they make an amazingly logical choice: drop their not-too-promising JSF suite for an existing implementation that is much more advanced. Kudos to everyone at Sun who decided to do this. But on the other hand they invent JavaFX instead of enhancing Java or adopting Groovy/JRuby/etc..looks like that part of Sun is still suffering from NIH (Not Invented Here) syndrome. If would be great if the Sun JSF team could give them some lessons.
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    Be interested to know if you’ve actually played with JavaFX? I was pretty sceptical about it but I’ve been playing with it quite heavily since the 1.0 version came out because it could scratch a pretty significant itch on a project I’m architect on if it works out and I’ve come away pretty impressed. JavaFX Script actually serves its purpose rather well – I really like the fact that it has one job to do and can be tailored to do that one thing very specifically and I much prefer it to the Flex /Silverlight MXML/XAML way of doing declarative bindings. Seems like I’m not the only one either: “But despite these concerns, the platform should have a bright future - as long as Sun can plug the gaps and bring the next update to market significantly faster than 1.0? - “After spending an afternoon with it, I think that I like it a lot more than Flex,? “The day started with a surprise: JavaFX looks better than expected. I was impressed by nine videos running at the same time, and the fact that you can simply drag an applet from the browser and run it as a desktop application. Data binding certainly is an improvement over swing, so i can imagine using JavaFX for all things that you would normally use swing for; not just for creating RIAs? “Then came a keynote by Sun about the top ten of great on why JavaFX is great. And it really did look great.?
  5. Can you explain but more on Grizzly ARP.
    The best place to read about the details on Grizzly is here: Essentially, Grizzly Asynchronous Request Processing allows the server to handle a large number of Ajax Push connections with a small number of threads. Rather than keeping responses open by blocking in Servlet.service(), many responses can be managed in an event-based way (which is exactly what you want, since Ajax Push applications are inherently event-driven).
    Also when can we see Icefaces bundled with Netbeans in Visual Pallete for drag and drop?
    You can use ICEfaces components with NetBeans visual design now; or are you asking when ICEfaces will be automatically bundled with NetBeans?