ObjetDirect announces a new release of Tatami Toolkit.


News: ObjetDirect announces a new release of Tatami Toolkit.

  1. It now provides a full support of Dojo's charting system, thus allowing client-side creation of a wide range of chart types, as well as a new drag and drop engine based on Dojo's one. http://code.google.com/p/tatami Not exhaustive change list: - License switched from LGPL only to LGPL or Apache License or BSD - Now relies on latest Dojo 1.2.3 release - Charting support - Tree Widget - Dojo drag and drop can now be used in Tatami - The border container has been ported, advantageously replacing both GWT DockPanel and SplitPanels - Relies on custom dojo builds, optimizing it for the very usage of Tatami - Easier dijit Theme integration - New HTML online documentation - The grid wrapping has been ported from dojo's DataGrid 1.1 to DataGrid 1.2 - Release of TatamiX, extensions for Tatami including an HMVC design-pattern implementation You can see a demos at http://tatami.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/site/samples/TatamiPlayer/TatamiPlayer.html http://tatami.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/site/samples/TatamiDemo1.3/com.objetdirect.tatami.demo.TatamiDemo/index.html
  2. Only thing i wonder about is why it's called ObjetDirect, not ObjectDirect...
  3. Does "supported by France Télécom" give you a hint?