Seasons Greetings from TheServerSide community. In the spirit of giving, we're raffling off a free pass to TheServerSide Java Symposium, being held in sunny Las Vegas, March 18-20. This FREE pass grants you access to 45+ technical sessions, 3 days of intensive information sharing, best practices from over 35 industry experts, open source project reports and much more. Consider it an early present for being so good this year. ;) The raffle is open to new registrants only and does not include hotel or travel. Please submit your entry before January 16. The winner will be announced on January 19. Submit your entry here. Speakers already confirmed to present: • Ron Bodkin -Troubleshooting and Monitoring Using GlassboxBill Burke - Putting Java to REST: The New Java + RESTful Web Services Spec and Scaling RESTful Services with JAX-RSEugene Ciurana - Mission-Critical Cloud/Enterprise Hybrid Applications Case Study • Frank Cohen - Meet-Up for Selenium, soapUI, HtmlUnit and Other Test Tools and Identifying Browser Problems in Ajax Applications • Chris Custine - Apache ServiceMix 4 and OSGiGlen Daniels - To Mediate is the Message - The Evolution of IndirectionRob Davies - Creating High Performance, Massively Scalable Messaging Solutions with Apache ActiveBlazeScott Davis - JSON in the Real Word, The Amazing Groovy Weight-loss Plan, DSLs in Groovy: Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say and Atom: From Blogging to Data SyndicationJeremy Deane - Resource-Oriented Enterprise ArchitectureDan Diephouse - RESTful SOA with MuleHans Dockter - Leveraging Groovy for Building Java Applications (Gradle)Neal Ford - Keynote: The Productive Programmer: On the Lam from the Furniture Police and Intro to JRubyAndy Frank - Sensible Interop Programming with FanDavid Geary - Google Web Toolkit: An Introduction and Google Web Toolkit: AdvancedJeff Genender - The Rules of SOA - A Road to a Successful SOA ImplementationDave Johnson - Socialize Your Web Apps with OpenSocialRod Johnson - Keynote: How Spring Fits into the Java Landscape and Spring for the Advanced Java Developer • Jon Kern - Keynote: The Keys to Agile Software Development and Just Enough Early Architecture to Guide Development • Heath Kessler - Navigating the SOA Mine Field: Optimized Application ArchitecturesDavid Lloyd - A General Purpose Object Marshalling FrameworkJosh Long - Enterprise Application Integration, and SpringKito Mann - JSF 2.0 in Action and Open Source Portals: Free Application InfrastructureTed Neward - Functional Programming with Amanda Laucher and The Busy Java Developer's Guide to ScalaRob Schneider - Agile Web Service and REST Service Testing with soapUINathaniel Schutta - DSLs in JavaScript We're delivering the most "educational ROI" as possible in light of today's challenging economy. Tracks include Frameworks, Architecture, SOA, Language, Tools and Techniques. Visit for more information.