1. GET RID OF THE SPAM FFS !!! (4 messages)

    Am I really the only one who is totally fed up with the constant spam in almost every single news post & every single forum thread? Not even that apparently no one in charge can be arsed to give a damn but they (who are in charge) apparently remove more comments requesting addressing the spam than actual spam. If you are lucky one message gets removed instead of removing the account and all its messages (e.g. name me _1_ reasonable post of that hikaye guy). If you need a list SIMPLY LOOK INTO YOUR OWN FRIGGING FEEDBACK SECTION or the "Top posters of the week" list. Seriously, PLEASE address this spam problem - and not only by deleting a post or two but by deleting the whole account that is used to spam and all his posts and review the captcha mechanism used for account creation and switch e.g. to

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    you're not the only one. Why do you think hardly anyone uses these forums any longer?
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    As you can see... CAPTCHAs has finally been launched as an additional precaution. It sucks that spam can quickly degrade a community. TSS is doing the best they can to implement solutions to these issues that will hold up against most spammer issues. The world would be a much better place without spam... we can all agree with that.
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    Did not really make a difference yet, see the last couple of news items:,
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    Just delete the accounts like original poster suggested. I see the same user in several news items posting idiotic spam.