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    Has anyone done a point by point comparison of ATG Dynamo Commerce vs. IBM Websphere's Commerce? We initially chose ATG as the platform but now we've been told to evaluate Websphere. Any opinions from a technical point of view?

    Please post or email me at rdaguro at ixl dot com. I can repost the results or individually email any contributors the data I've compiled.

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    Some of the points have been well outlined in this

    But having worked on ATG eCommerce and Websphere for a few years, the IBM counterpart is too complex, inviting developers and system engineers to make terrible configuration decisions that kill the performance. WC has a much longer and steeper learning curve. Now understand that the impact of complexiety on stability, availability is quite considerable.

  3. after working on both ATG and IBM WCS,ATG find much easier and development

    The data any where architecture of atg is far better than IBM WCS