Advanced GWT Components 1.4.5 released


News: Advanced GWT Components 1.4.5 released

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    Release 1.4.5 includes: Bug fixes: 1. Demo application must include source code 2. Project modules can't be rebuilt without the root module New features: 1. Reworked default theme required 2. Remake project site Visit our site to know more about the tool:

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  2. If you are promoting yet another component library for GWT, you should at least look at existing ones and make sure yours is as good. Have you seen GXT? GxtExt? How about teaming up with a graphics designer to make decent looking icons and colors? You can't really expect people to be willing to have applications like your demo, right? It's admirable that you've started an open source project, but why not join some of the existing ones and make them better?
  3. It's not just components, it's licensing. To some, the Apache license of Advanced GWT Components is preferred over the dual licensing model provided by GWT Ext which has dependencies on Ext (js project) licensing. Another EXT-based project, gwt-ext (LGPL) builds on an older version of Ext (2.0.2) for its "better" license. I don't know if is supporting a forked version of Ext 2.0.2. So, to me, if someone comes out with a component library that closes the gap with what Ext offers and with friendly non-confusing licensing, then more power to them. Yeah, I would build an app that looked like the demo. Why not? Down the road Darwin gets involved with these projects but let us not pick survivors yet.
  4. Another EXT-based project, gwt-ext (LGPL) builds on an older version of Ext (2.0.2) for its "better" license. I don't know if is supporting a forked version of Ext 2.0.2.
    It works very well and it is very rich. Moreover a new project has been started from Ext 2.0.2 : OpenExt. It will replace the new Ext-js library for whom wants to use the extensions in commercial environment.
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    come on have you seen smartGWT..
  6. Hello all, Thanks for your replies! The idea of the project was to make a library that doesn't depend on other frameworks, widgets, libraries, etc (excepting GWT). Yes, I have already seen other tools. In fact most of them are GWT wrappers around existing JavaScript libraries and therefore limited in licensing and not so extandable as they might be. Whereas my tool is a "pure" GWT/Java solution and allows adding new custom functionality without JS at all. It's distributed under Apache 2.0 license and may be used in commercial projects. UI Design? Yes, I agree, it could be better. Does anyone want to help? And don't forget that my grids support Swing-like data models and lazy loading! BTW the grids are really much powerful than alternatives. I investigated the market and found only 2 libraries that offer similar functionality: 1. Infagistics (commercial, .NET + JSF) 2. GWT Incubator (open source, but frozen and doesn't work in FF 3.0)
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    I can see the benefits of wrapping existing JS widget libraries to GWT. However, I am wondering what the tradeoffs are? Extensibility and the pure Java programming model were mentioned. Any others? Are there are some limitations how you can mix pure GWT widgets and wrapped ones? Can in drop in a SmartGWT widget into a GWT panel, for example? I saw a demo where GWT widget was working within the SmartGwt tab panel. Thanks.
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    I've spent quite a bit of time trying to get native GWT components to 'play nice' with SmartGWT. The final verdict is this: whether you want to embed SmartGWT components in native GWT or vice versa, for anything other than a trivial use case you are in trouble. SmartGWT would have been a easy decision for me if this mix-and-match worked cleanly. The SmartClient Javascript library upon which SmartGWT is based uses an absolute-size and absolute-positioned rendering strategy which does not work well unless your app is pure SmartGWT (or pure SmartClient JavaScript). I have to say their components are among the most advanced you will find anywhere if you can live with that restriction.