Jcoder Java IDE version 1.1 for Windows is available today


News: Jcoder Java IDE version 1.1 for Windows is available today

  1. PremiumSoft has released Jcoder Java IDE version 1.1 for Windows today. This new version contains the following major enhancments: • Added JSP Support • Embbed Tomcat as user option • Added code completion for html, xml, jsp, js document • Added fully support on UTF8 document Download a Free Jcoder Java IDE at: http://www.jcoder.com/download.html. Jcoder is a lightweight Java IDE Editor that provides comprehensive facilities to Java and web developers to develop, compile and run Java program efficiently. Jcoder features an intuitive interface and consists of a source code editor, a compiler, a project manager, a debugger, code editing highlight and code completion features. Jcoder also contains various project wizards to move into actual coding faster by automating project set-up steps. It's easy to create new class and specify a specific JDK to use for each project. From the instant you launch Jcoder, you’ll appreciate its speed. For quick changes you can launch Jcoder, make your edits, and close down in less time than it takes for other IDEs to finish loading. Because the engine is native C++, you will experience very rapid response times to keyboard and mouse commands compared to the Java-based IDE. Other key features include: Intuitive User Interface with multi-document editing Project Wizard, New Class/ Interface Wizard Class and Package Viewer Advanced editor with code-folding Source code navigation Code Completion with Syntax checking and highlighting Feature rich Debugger Ant support All of these features along with a small footprint and fast file loading make Jcoder an irreplaceable tool for programmers of every level, from learning programmer to Java-specialist. For details, please visit at: http://www.jcoder.com.
  2. Any plans for Mac version? Not that I have any problems with Eclipse, but I like to try things out.
  3. I am very glad to find a small Java IDE. Eclipse and Netbeans is too big and to complex for the beginner. But I am surprised that "Smart code completion" is not available in the free version because it is a fundmental feature for an IDE.
  4. Not a free version[ Go to top ]

    Maybe I misread but the dowwnload for window spage touts a 30-day evaluation version.
  5. not free?[ Go to top ]

    software isn't free why even bother to download and evaluate because I don't want to pay for Nissan when Infinity is FREE
  6. Hi is there any advanced features[ Go to top ]

    Hi, Great to know abt the sailent features about the new IDE. But i'm tempted to know whethere this IDE supports any new features like Maven, Spring ...... etc Because if it supports it will be great asset for the programmers who are learning this technologies. Cheers Martin
  7. I agree with what Jcoder says on their main page - "Go ahead to explore other enchancing features in JCODER!". It's like the features are both enchanting (i.e. delightful) and will enhance something in the process. Both of those are something that no other IDEs offer.
  8. JCODER for Windows Lite is Free[ Go to top ]

    Download a Free version at: http://www.jcoder.com/download.html.
  9. * This Pro version is FULLY functional. ^ Customers can enjoy FREE Email Support provided by JCODER Support Centre during the 30-day trial period by registering with us before the download .For more information on JCODER's features, please visit our Feature Matrix. NO MENTION OF FREE VERSION ANYWHERE
  10. JCODER for Windows Lite ->that's FREE version!!!
  11. Tomcat size is 0 MB?[ Go to top ]

    JCODER for Windows Lite - 9.78 MB JCODER for Windows Lite (Tomcat included) - 9.78 MB how could it be?
  12. a Java IDE written in C++. Thanks AHoles!