Coverity Introduces New Static Analysis Solution for C#


News: Coverity Introduces New Static Analysis Solution for C#

  1. Coverity, Inc., the leader in improving software quality and security, announced Coverity Prevent for C#. The product utilizes a new analysis engine developed by Coverity’s research and development lab that is designed specifically for detecting defects in applications built on Microsoft’s .NET framework. Prevent for C# expands the language coverage of Coverity’s static analysis products, and brings the company’s proven expertise in automatic defect detection to developers programming in C#. Over 450 development organizations currently use Coverity Prevent to ensure the quality and security of their C/C++ and Java code. Unlike other static tools that simply extend existing analysis capabilities to encompass a new language, Prevent for C# is based on an entirely new analysis engine designed and optimized for Microsoft .NET-based applications. It seamlessly handles features of the C# language such as operator overloading, properties, and idioms for iteration and resource management. Prevent for C# also automatically finds third party .NET assemblies to ensure a complete analysis result, no matter how complex the application. Coverity Prevent for C# automatically analyzes large, complex C# code bases and detects critical, must-fix defects that could lead to system failures, memory corruption or performance degradation. Because the product is the only C# static analysis tool to deliver 100% path coverage, it delivers the most comprehensive and accurate C# source code analysis. Prevent for C# requires no changes to existing build processes or code, and easily integrates into existing build processes and requires little or no additional hardware. Key capabilities of Prevent for C# include: Detect Critical Defects - Automatic detection of defects in C# source code that can cause crashes, performance degradation and incorrect program behavior * 100% Path Coverage - Analysis of every path in C# code bases, ensuring that all possible execution branches are followed * Low False Positive Rate - Accurate, actionable results help developers immediately begin improving the quality and security of their code * Flexible Workflow - Defect Manager product interface allows teams to collaboratively view analysis results, triage defects, assign ownership, and provides comprehensive workflow capabilities * Highly Scalable - Millions of lines of code can be analyzed in a matter of hours

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