JOSSO 1.8 Released: WAM/SSO


News: JOSSO 1.8 Released: WAM/SSO

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    JOSSO, or Java Open Single Sign-On, is an open source JEE and Spring based transparent SSO infrastructure aimed to provide a solution for centralized platform neutral user authentication and authorization. The project home page is . The JOSSO development team is proud to announce the release 1.8, which represents a major leap forward in drastically lowering the integration and deployment time-frame involved in delivering Single Sign-On and Web Access Management (WAM) to all your applications. What's new in 1.8: * "5 minute" on-the-fly set-up and deployment through custom "enhancement" console * Multiple security domain support for enabling multiple configurations with one single server instance * Easier and more extensible descriptors through Spring and namespace mapping * Windows Authentication * "Remember Me" support * Password recovery support * Out-of-the-box branding support * Finer-grained components for enabling more complex SSO deployments * Native Apache Httpd 2.x support thus enabling transparent SSO with PHP, Python, Perl, etc. applications * Weblogic 10 Server support * Spring Security 2.0 support for fine-grained authorization * Improved Clustering support * Better user experience through enhanced L&F * Improved documentation and new samples Download from :

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  2. Congratulation for the release! I will try it.
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    The '"5 minute" on-the-fly set-up and deployment through custom "enhancement" console' is a huge improvement. Very nice! Cheers, Kurt Stam
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    JOSSO 1.8 is LGPL while 1.7 was Apache License. Wont it will conflict with branding possibility of JOSSO login pages etc in 1.8? Branding is must have in all JOSSO deployments at least for login pages!