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    Hi ,

      Can any body tell me who weblogic startup classes works .
      My requirment is , i want to write a own class having a Hashtable ( where i will put some my appilication specific property ) and use this as a start up class . So far how to regiter the startup class is almost known to me . But how to access the instance of that class from my EJB and Servlet

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       upto my knowledge, you can access it using this....i suppose...


  3. If your requirement is to store and share data across sessions, consider using a WebLogic Workspace, see Using WebLogic Workspaces. You can assign different scopes to workspaces (client, group, server, cluster).
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    If your application data you want to store is 'read-only', consider setting up a Singleton class within the startup class that stores your data.

    This could then accessed using a class.getInstance().getData() type syntax.

  5. Singletons are not recommended in the J2EE-universe. They contain static variables, use thread synchronization, no clustering and fail-over support, and the appserver may use several classloaders (and even JVMs) to load the Singletons.

    That said, Singletons work with the current versions of WebLogic ;-)
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    That's not really what start up classes are for.

    They are for performing start up operations. For instance, you might initialize and configure some static properties of some classes in this single threaded startup mode, and then let lots of threads run through your code without synchronization.

    You don't really want the class to be available after it's run. (I assume we are talking about T3StartupDef here.)

    If you want some form of config to be available then publish it to JNDI within your startup class.

    Alternatively, the Workspace option will also work.