SVNKit 1.2.2, a pure Java Subversion library has been released


News: SVNKit 1.2.2, a pure Java Subversion library has been released

  1. We are pleased to announce that SVNKit 1.2.2 is now available to download from SVNKit is a pure Java Subversion library that provides APIs to access and manipulate Subversion repositories and working copies. SVNKit does not require any native binaries to be installed in order to work with Subversion. SVNKit is widely adopted by Java community and gradually becomes de-facto standard when it comes to Subversion support. SVNKit works great as part of any Java product, be it standalone desktop, OSGI-based or server-side software product. Among SVNKit applications are IDE Subversion integrations, Subversion tracking and reporting tools and arbitrary object model versioning that may use Subversion repository to store business model objects. This release includes: - Changes made in Subversion since version 1.5.4 implemented, all Subversion 1.5.5 features are supported. - Merge tracking implementation changed to match Subversion 1.5.5. - HP-UX support added. - Other stability and performance improvements. SVNKit is Open Source and licensed under GPL-like license. For those who wouldn't like to disclose their source code we offer dual-licensing scheme. More information on SVNKit, including documentation, source code examples and licensing policy could be found at our web site at With best regards, SVNKit development team.

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  2. Looks very interesting! Just a question, what is your policy regarding GPL when it comes "non-distributed" but publicly used software, such as code used in web applications? Would a publicly usable web application force source distribution, or does this only apply to user installable software (ie, when a user has a binary or similar distributed to them)? Maybe it's really more of a legalese question than specific to SVNKit, but it's interesting nonetheless to know SVNKit's stance on the issue.. Regards Wille Faler SVNsite - Subversion hosting made easy
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    Just want to say - thank you guys! I use your product with subversive and it works perfect (even better than native libs cause your product doesn't use several HTTP methods that are prohibited by our ugly security policy). Keep doing a good job. Regards, Vitaliy S
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    not for me.
  5. The license unfortunately makes this useless. It was an idiotic decision not to follow the SVN license.
  6. dual licensing[ Go to top ]

    wonderful :-)
    Prices are: 2000 EUR for license without special support, 3000 EUR for "Standard" option with a year of support, 9000 EUR for "Enterprise" option. Price does not include VAT that EU-registered companies are obliged to pay as well as any other applicable taxes.
    Prices and support schemes above are not final, all conditions and terms are, of course, negotiable.
  7. I use a number of products, both commercial and open source, that make use of SVNKit. I really appreciate your great work. Live long and prosper! John Hurst Wellington, New Zealand