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    Hi, I currently have a prototype standalone java app that contacts a remote webservice to check for new messages. It retrieves and stores them in my local db. I have this request repeating every few seconds on a timer. I would like to change my acrhitecture before continuing with development. I would rather a notification system rather than polling. The service provider (the people whos inbox i check for messages)provide a 'push' service which requires me to set up a simple web service that I publish and they notify me if I have a new message. The provide a template of the webservice I need to write. My question is what is the best way/best practice for getting the new message from my webservice to my standalone java appl. Does my app now have to poll my webservice rather than the service providers for a message or can i give my web service a refernce to my app? How would I do this? I wrote a simple tutorial web service at, http://www.builderau.com.au/webdev/soa/Setting-up-a-simple-Web-service-using-Java/0,339024680,339284524,00.htm just to get used to web service file structure etc. The client has a reference to the service using the stub, is there a similar way to provide/generate a stub/skeleton to the webservice so that it can pass the message on to its client? Is this normal procedure? Alternatively, could I just put all the app logic/db access etc in classes in the webservice either? Would this be usual? I am guessing its probably better to leave the service lightweight and just pass on the work elsewhere? Anyway, as you can see I relatively clueless when it comes to webservice design and development. All help welcome. Thanks in advance, T

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    Since I posted I have continued to test/develop and increase understanding. I have integrated my application with the simple web service by including them in the same Java Resources e.g. src folder as the published web service. Is this the correct architecture/approach to take? This is currently only running within Eclipse. When I deploy this to a live server I presume my current JDBC connector will work fine for access to DB form java classes? I dontneed any extra Tomcat plug ins? Thanks, T
  3. I personally find it real easy to implement webservice using Apache Axis2. Some of good sites are comming up on discussion over technical topics , such as http://www.interview-questions-tips-forum.net Thanks,