TheServerSide Java Symposium "Technology Stimulus Package"


News: TheServerSide Java Symposium "Technology Stimulus Package"

  1. We've given this a lot of thought and decided to roll out our own "Technology Stimulus Package" for TheServerSide Java Symposium. After speaking with many folks who had yet to finalize their budgets, we're extending the Super Early Bird discount of $300 off through the end of January. Don’t miss out on these savings! Our sessions are focused on topics you have said are relevant and important to you – through your participation in community, through survey results, and through individual conversations with many of you. Check out the jam-packed agenda we've lined up for you, including these new sessions: • Mission Critical Cloud/Enterprise Case Study Eugene Ciurana, Director of Systems Infrastructure at LeapFrog and contributing editor for TSS In this case study, you learn how to design, implement, and roll-out cloud/enterprise hybrid applications. You will identify the different cloud architectures that can be combined with your application and learn how to define an architecture based on cloud and enterprise components to attain maximum scalability at a low cost of deployment and operations. • Sexier Software with Java and Flex James Ward, Flex Evangelist with Adobe and member of JSR-286, 299, 301 This session covers the fundamentals of using Flex, Java, and BlazeDS to build rich and highly interactive software for the Web and the desktop. You will see how highly interactive software can be built to utilize existing Java code with new front-end technology. • Identifying Browser Problems in Ajax Applications Frank Cohen, Founder of PushToTest and Author of FastSOA This session demonstrates a free open source service used to analyze Ajax application functions and determine behavior and performance under different browsers and conditions. This service provides you with a gallery of screen shots so that you can visually ensure browsers are rendering your application correctly. In addition, see how this tool can be used with Appcelerator TestMonkey, PushToTest TestMaker, Quartz, Selenium, and JackRabbit/Derby. Click here to register now! Our Technology Stimulus Package expires January 30. ;)
  2. I'm really looking forward to it - I was skeptical at first and almost opted for Eclipsecon, but in the end TSS won out mainly because it's a lot cheaper for us europeans to get to. However, I'm glad it did because the agenda is working out really well for me. Here's what I plan to do: Wednesday: A chance to learn more about the cloud and reinforce some architectural practices, while learning if there are benefits to functional programming approaches. - Mission Critical Enterprise/Cloud Applications Case Study Eugene Ciurana - Just Enough Early Architecture to Guide Development Jon Kern - Functional Programming Ted Neward & Amanda Laucher Thursday: REST and Groovy are technologies that have both interested me but I haven't had chance to investigate. - RESTful SOA with Mule Dan Diephouse - The Amazing Groovy Weight-loss Plan Scott Davis Friday: Take the opportunity to compare OSGi practices elsewhere, with Arum's and also learn more about WebServices. Something that has eluded me is how to make them secure. - Building Server Platforms with OSGi and Equinox Rob Harrop - To Mediate is the Message - The Evolution of Indirection Glen Daniels - Securing Web Services with Apache CFX Dan Kulp - Apache ServiceMix 4 and OSGi Chris Custine See y'all there!
  3. I hope you have a great time!