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    Hi all, I am new to EJB and hibernae. I am using Hibernate 3.0, Jboss 4.0.2, EJB 2.1.Can you please spend your valualbe time and tell me how to integrate EJB and Hibernate. we plan to use stateless session beans which will call the DAO. I searched in google and i cant find any answer relavant to me. 1. What are the configurations need to be done in JBOSS. 2. How to access the hibernate session in EJB. Please explain the steps clearly, So that this thread will be useful to me and others. And i have to solve this issue, As soon as possible. thanks, Vinoth

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    Hi, I came accross this article which i think is useful do let me know if it's usefull :)
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    Just fail to understand why you are using the old version of EJB. My suggetion is to use EJB 3 on JBoss 4.2.2 or higher version because it uses underlying hibernate services to provide the JPA implementation. So in that case you dont need to integrate EJB with hibernate.