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    This is the first time I am using corba technology. Basically I am new to this. Can somebody help me out.
    One side I have EJB object(weblogic 5.1.0.) i.e. server side. Client side I wanted to use C++. which software I should download for this and how to start (like how to go initially).

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    Client c++?
    Your webserver contains EJB.You can call through Corba client.Bind that client to orb and initialize,narrow,the server and connect to corba server .That can connect to EJB.
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    Dear Syam,
    Thanx for the information.
    I have EJB Objects and am using Weblogic server 5.1.0.
    I can write program in C++ like (invoking hello method).
    My doubts are as follows :
    1. The source code (C++) should be complied or you will have to make executable files also.
    2. How to convert C++ to IDL like which software I will have to use.
    3. I will have to set anything in my file.