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    This article by TheServerSide Java Symposium track chair Ted Neward presents a vast list of the key resources any up-and-coming Java developer should have. To avoid the appearance of bias or undue influence, he decided to throw a call to the blogosphere for resources: Web sites, conferences, books, blogs, tools, anything that seemed like it would be of interest and use to Java developers. As with any kind of list of this sort, there is always room for reasonable debate as to what should be included that wasn't or what was included that shouldn't have been. Thats where you come in - help scrub this list down or up to the right size.

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    Hi, Hey that was a good article after such a long time which will be inspirational for developers(freshers or experts). I would like to see some of the wonderful libraries provided by apache house like commons,dbcp... etc, google provided collections library. I hope u also remember SUN Tech days from the Java Creator need to be mentioned. Thanks Martin.
  3. Add to the list.
  4.[ Go to top ] has lots of good stuff - surprised it didn't make the cut
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    Nice Article
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    Thank you for the article. Although it is strange that there is no "Code Complete" of Steve McConnell in the list of books. "Test Driven Development" of Kent Beck is also missing.
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    IMHO, reading source code(good code or bad code) is also very useful for improving our development ability, especially reading OSS, It's would be better if join OSS, embrace open source community. In addition to all those mentioned resource, I think keeping on writing source code everyday should be the most important things.