The Sessions I’m Going to Catch at TheServerSide Java Symposium


News: The Sessions I’m Going to Catch at TheServerSide Java Symposium

  1. The Productive Programmer: On the Lam from the Furniture Police, by Neal Ford Neal is always a great speaker with provocative ideas. This keynote sounds like a lot of fun, and anyone who has had to deal with cubicles, office moves, and whether or not you’re entitled to a window will appreciate his perspective on what working conditions are best for programmers. The Keys to Agile Software Development, by Jon Kern I’ve known Jon for about ten years, and he is both a great speaker and down-to-earth expert on agile development and modeling. His keynote will focus on what works in real development, rather than abstract theory. Resource-Oriented Enterprise Architecture, by Jeremy Deane This session looks at applying RESTful techniques in a resource-oriented development setting. I’ve seen presentations on this approach before, and it’s way cool. I also had the opportunity to see Jeremy speak at another conference last year, and he can relate to development issues faced by attendees. Mission-Critical Cloud/Enterprise Hybrid Applications, by Eugene Ciurana Any developer has to be curious about how the cloud is going to affect their development efforts, and longtime contributor Eugene Ciurana has already been there and done that. And he has lessons to share with us. Interop Programming with Fan, by Andy Frank Like any computer scientist, I remain entranced by languages, and this is a language that executes on the JVM or .NET Framework. Fascinating! Of course, my choices reflect my bias toward new and emerging technologies that have the potential to change how development is done. You may be looking for other types of solutions, in which case you should check out the agenda. As a reminder, our Technology Stimulus Package of $300 off expires this Friday. Click here to register now.

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    We should join one of the daily poker tournaments one night and crown a TSSJS champion... Anybody game?
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    count me in :)
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    Ditto, would love to. Would be a good way to meet some fellow TSS attendees socially and brush up on my holdem skills! Any way to coordinate?
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    I'm in too.....