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      i m facing this problem:
    I have a primary key class with productid as primary key. in the ejbcreate method im passing the following values
    productid,name,description with Primary keyclass type and i m returning null. This gets compiled well. when i run ejbc, im getting incompatable type can't convert String to primary key class type. i m following the example in EDRoman book. what will be the error. Whether i have to get the primary key in ejbPostCreate method.

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    check out what is the type of primary
    and what is the return type of ur ejbCreate() method
    it must be a priamry key class
    wether ur using primary key class a
    external class ?
    write me back
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     thanx for your reply. The ejbCreate() is of primary key class type and i gave return type as null.(Previously, i mentioned the return type like this: return new ProductPK(prodid) where productPK is my primary key class, but it also gave the same error.)

    i didn't get you regarding external class