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    Hi Can anybody plz help me in integrating struts with JBPM. I would like to call JBPM from Struts framework . Your Help would be appreciated.
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    Hi. Integration with jbpm is pretty simple for any J2EE framework. I am assuming you are writing an application which shows you the task lists and can trigger the workflow.Have you read through the JPDL docs. I used them to create a simple workflow app for me... Shashank
  3. Do you have any examples how to integrate with struts and JBPM frame work. Please let me know is there any links or code for reference. Regards, Praveenkumar k
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    I have a requirement to approve an entity (user creation) to go through a workflow process (3 levels of approval). This application should be struts based. Can you please provide an example to match my requirement.